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EXCERPT scenes from a larger story.

Skye and Dakota resolve an argument their way:

The Crew of the Fair wind have to escape a group of Villains:




I am a Storyboard Artist, Filmmaker, Writer and Concept Artist.
Diverse Experience


I’ve worked as a Storyboard Artist in the Animation Industry for 9 Years.


I have worked on Comedy TV Shows for many years. I also have experience writing for many Comedic Projects.

Cinematic Action and Drama

I was a Story Intern at Pixar. And I have spent the last 8 years honing my cinematic Storytelling Skill. I also frequently make Action Adventure Storyboard Animatics.

Writing and Directing

I have Directed many short films both Live Action and Animation. I also am always writing screenplays, prose and other stories.

Live Action

I have experience Directing Life Action Short films as well as doing storyboards for a variety of Live Action Projects.


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