How To

Optimal Setup of Toonboom Storyboard Pro

GO TO Preferences:

Go Through and Match these screencaps:

Take special Note of:

This creates an optional rule of thirds guide:

This is tricky: You may have to play with these settings based on your processer,video chip and OS:

Set Up Workspace

START with the overview workspace.

RIGHT AWAY save as new workspace.

Move everything around to match this:

Watch the video for an indeoth step by step guide.


To edit toobars right click then select customize. It’s fickle so try a couple of times to find the right spot.

Select the toobars you want to see:

Match these Settings. These settigns are good for people who don’t use shortcuts much.

 Import new Brushes

These Brushes are optimized for Photoshop Like Drawing.

Download them HERE:

How to Install them:


Import New Tool Presets

Download them HERE:


Import Color Swatches

Download them HERE:

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