I found this in “Save the Cat Strikes Back” and I like to look through it when I have a new Idea.

Seven Warning signs that I might have a good idea:
– I love talking about my story; I’m eager to share what I’m working on and get reactions to it.
– I have no fear my idea will be stolen! No one can tell this story like I can, and in fact someone I tell may give me insight I didn’t have before.
– I increase the magic when I say it out loud. It lets the world know I’m a writer with lots of great ideas.
– I can’t “lose” an idea; it will only get better the more I work on it.
– I look for potential flaws in the logic knowing they are an opportunity to make my story stronger.
– Even if someone wrote my story before, I can come up with a new twist that will make my version the best.
– I have a great story and that means I have great scenes – they serve my story, not detract from it!

Seven Warning Signs I might have a BAD idea:– Fear of telling anyone about it.
– Fear it might be stolen.- Fear that saying it out loud might spoil the “magic”
– Fear that if I don’t write it fast, I’ll lose it
– Lack of basic logic points – which I chose to ignore!
– Lot’s of great “scenes,” but no story- Not researching to see if someone already did this

Citation: “Save the Cat Strikes back!” – Blake Snyder

Note: As far as getting your idea stolen I believe it’s true that if the idea is original and good enough that no one else can do it as well as you can. But I do believe one should be careful with pitching because if the idea is good enough someone else can take it an ruin it. It’s a fine balance between being brave and not being dumb.

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