Storyboards and Art

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Meetup by the Lake

A romantic scene set in a Fanciful Steampunk world in which a Mad Scientist and an AI Robot finally connect.

Rope Fight


A fun Action Scene in which Skye and Dakota resolve an argument their way.

Aspen the BarBEARian

Beat Boards

The D&D Adventures of Aspen and Cade.

SISTER-POCALYPSE – Rough Boards and Script

A Dark Comedy about a woman who braves the post-apocalyptic wilderness with the “help” of her mean older sister, who’s a Ghost.

Space Station Prison

LIVE ACTION Storyboards

A proof of concept test for Ridley Scott.

To the Crystal Cave


The Crew of the Fair Wind have to retrieve a large crystal to power their airship.

Son of a Gun


A Father and Son Rob a Train
AWestern ACTION COMEDY Storyboards



A Steampunk comedy about two brothers who destroy a saloon trying to prove they’re the best inventor.


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